10 ways to keep your exhibition stand busy!

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Here is our definitive list of ways to make sure you drive as many visitors as possible to your exhibition stand at your next trade show.  By cleverly utilising one or two of these ideas coupled with a great exhibition stand design you can ensure that you are doing all you can to maximise attendance at your stand and outshine your competitors.

Here we go…

  1. Competitions

An oldie but a goodie. Everyone loves a competition right? Well no. They can feel a little dated and hackneyed when not done right. Firstly, if you are a going to run a competition, make sure it is centred on your branding and product. Great, you’re giving away an Xbox but what has that got to do with your service or product offering. Show confidence in what you are selling and make sure the prizes reflect that. One other essential element to getting a competition right is social media. Gone are the days of throwing a business card in a bowl. Your competition should be running long before the show starts and you should be driving people to attend your stand for the prize draw.

  1. Paid online advertising

Often overlooked is the opportunity Twitter and Facebook offer for paid advertising. Why pay for a targeted ad when you can use hashtags? Well, mainly because everyone is using Hashtags. 2 clichés for you that ring true in this scenario, you can’t see the wood for the trees and don’t let spending a penny today stop you from earning a pound tomorrow. Explore how targeted social media advertising can work for you and make sure you are a the top of the pile when chasing visitors, a sustained and relevant social media campaign is these days essential in driving traffic to your stand.

  1. Tweetup

No, I had no idea either until reading this article, but some research will quickly show you that this craze has been seen to be successful at many exhibitions. So what is a tweet up? A tweetup is a hashtag created by someone looking to meet  like-minded individuals to meet with face to face. By creating a hashtag stating “tweetup” you look to attract clients, visitors etc. with an interest in your product or service to meet at your stand at a particular time. Great for networking, adds a little excitement to an average visitors day and what’s more… Gets visitors to your stand.

  1. Create a working environment

Add a few more plug sockets to your stand. That’s it… Create an area you can invite people to who want to relax, check emails, and charge a phone. What’s more, provide a few phone chargers. It’s a simple idea but people will use it and you know what that means? More visitors to your stand! You’re starting to get the picture…

  1. Photo booths

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter we are a society obsessed with documenting everything and why should a trade show be any different? A photo booth, or something as simple as a back drop incorporating the show logo giving people a photo opportunity can really  attract people to your stand. Its simple, its effective and relatively inexpensive. If you have the room its certainly worth exploring.

  1. The first ones free

A tried and tested well stayed tactic but one that still works. Offering a free sample of your service or product to potential visitors is a sure fire way to attract attention. Everybody and I mean EVERYBODY loves getting something for free. An exhibition is a great place for people to come and get up close and personal with your wares so give them what they want.

  1. Create online content

This is essential. Online content creation that can be shared and discussed and talked about by visitors to the show is a great way of attracting some attention for yourself. Don’t just be part of the online conversation before and after the show, create it. Be a thought leader and commit to tweeting and creating content daily. You will see the fruits of your labour.

  1. Free WI FI

Going back to our theme of everybody liking something for free, free WI FI is a great way to get people on to your stand. It can be a little expensive but you just wait until you see them flocking around your stand as they check emails and face book, facetime home and check the football scores. You’ll see…

  1. Guest speaker

This is expensive, let’s make no bones about it, but for those with a bigger budget a guest speaker can really create buzz and attract an audience. The world of guest speaking is growing as is the culture of celebrity generally and a quick google search will find you an agency quicker than you can say Vanessa Feltz. By booking a guest speaker you are giving yourself something to truly promote and excite people. Make sure whoever you choose is a good match for your brand or product and make sure you plug, plug, plug it!

  1. Provide entertainment

Singers, magicians, classic arcade games, a none profit casino table, a playstation. Think outside the box. A trade show can often be a long day for visitors, creating an environment for them to relax and unwind can often be a welcome respite and will definitely get a few tongues wagging. Create a highest score league table for a video game and offer a prize for the highest score at the end of the day, just an idea I had whilst typing this. You see, there is loads you could do.

Exhibition Stand Attractions


By thinking outside the box you can create a real buzz around your stand. The idea is to create something that people want to visit regardless of your brand or product but leads them to engage with you.

If you would like any further advice on creating an exhibition stand design that can really wow visitors at your next show then contact Astro Exhibitions and we would be very happy to talk to you.

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