Are bespoke exhibition stands worth the money?

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Exhibitions provide a rare opportunity to engage directly with your audience. Which means that whether you’re showcasing a new product, trying to reach a new demographic, or simply brand building, it’s essential to get right—or you could be wasting a lot of time and money in attending.

These days there are plenty of ways to get yourself a cheap exhibition stand to meet your basic needs. Custom modular stands can be knocked together in a shorter build time than a custom-built one and can come in at a lower cost too.

But will they do the job?

Getting a bespoke exhibition stand designed and built might sometimes cost a little more. However, any serious business should view it as an investment in exhibition marketing and a significant commitment to meeting all objectives associated with attending an event. It will also undoubtedly deliver better against those objectives and provide a better return on investment. Here are three reasons why we know that’s the case:

A custom-built exhibition stand is ideal for bringing marketing themes to life

We talked previously about exhibition trends to look out for in 2018 and incorporating a stand theme as part of an integrated marketing campaign is one of them.

Ensuring a continuation of your brand’s look and feel across print, digital and events will help solidify your identity and build stronger relationships with customers—because a more consistent brand is more likely to be trusted. By custom building your stand you’re able to perfectly encapsulate your brand identity through creative use of stand frames, colours, messaging and fabric, while also creating an exhibition stand that perfectly engages your audience.

A modular construction will always limit what’s possible to showcase on the exhibition floor. It restricts the use of theme to simply colour and messaging, while providing a basic stand experience that visitors can find in a lot of other booths

A bespoke exhibition stand, meanwhile, makes sure you’re unique. It gives visitors a completely fresh experience, while also delivering the brand visibility and memorability that any good exhibitor needs when stacking up against their competitors at an event.

Strategic project management can make a bespoke exhibition stand worth your while

Any good exhibition stand design company should supply you with a dedicated project manager. This person is there to ensure you get the stand design you need and that it’s delivered on time and on budget. Click To Tweet

Yet the project management shouldn’t begin and end there. By planning your events for the year you can minimise overspend, taking a more holistic view of where stands (and giveaways and technology) can be used and reused across the calendar in combination with those campaign themes we mentioned in #1.

By thinking in this way you can always maximise the value of a bespoke exhibition stand, because you will be ensuring it is used at every possible event it is suitable for.

Let’s be honest, you don’t want to spend all that time and money on a beautiful bespoke stand for a one-off event. So making sure your investment is used to its fullest is essential—which not only means using it as much as possible, but making sure you hire a design company who can offer storage options for any stand they might create, enabling you to take your stand to multiple shows year after year.

tablet on exhibition stand

Bespoke exhibition stands give your designers the freedom to enhance attendee experience

Having the biggest, best and flashiest stand at an exhibition doesn’t mean a thing if you’re not giving your audience what they want. Which is why good stand designers will be focussed first and foremost on enhancing the attendee experience.

Opting for a custom-built exhibition stand over a modular ‘off-the-shelf’ version means giving your designers free rein to not only meet but go beyond the brief. It offers them the flexibility to come up with a smart, creative stand solution which will simultaneously embody your brand while also hitting all those multi-sensory touchstones that you know will engage your audience.

Of course, it means a little thinking ahead of time. Will your audience prefer a bold and exciting stand or a quieter place for thought and discussion? What kind of lighting will best draw in the crowds and (just as importantly) keep them around? What materials, sounds or even smells will they react positively to? Does your technology need a separate and safe space (such as a VR room)? Do you need to cater to both browsers and those who want to talk (in which case the stand needs to offer both open and enclosed areas)? Can you incorporate charging stations for phones and tablets, while also putting your message in front of those attendees who stop to use them?

A bespoke exhibition stand will be able to cater for all these needs and more. It requires more thought up front, especially when it comes to working with the designer to determine what your company stands for and nail down your brand identity (each exhibition is a brand-building exercise, after all). However, by putting in this time, money and effort into a custom-built stand up front, you’ll ensure your business gets a maximum return on investment at each and every event you attend for years to come.

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