Author: Tom Oakes

5 exhibition stand trends that will improve your success in 2020

If your exhibition success rate in 2019 left you red-faced like Jeremy Corbyn, here are 5 exhibition trends to use in 2020 to improve your ROI. Hopefully 2020 will finally put the political circus behind us, leaving businesses to look forward. And so with that in mind, here’s five exhibition trends to start using in… Read more »

The best exhibition stand lessons from The Apprentice so far

Poor exhibition stand design, bickering salespeople, going for the hard sell…Read on for the top 5 lessons The Apprentice can teach us about exhibitions and trade shows. This year’s The Apprentice was one where exhibitions/trade shows didn’t make it onto the task list (perhaps because product owners don’t want to chance the often car-crash approach… Read more »

Planning European exhibitions in a post-Brexit world

Three years after the vote, businesses in the UK are still awaiting an outcome on Brexit. This has made life a little tricky for us all, because it’s difficult to plan for a future when we don’t know what that future holds. In the world of events, however, there is one certainty: any form of… Read more »

Is big beautiful? The Pros and Cons of Large Exhibition Stands

Go big or go home? That’s the question a lot of businesses have to ask themselves when preparing for their next exhibition. Not only do you have to consider a whole host of details, such as layout, campaign branding, and materials, but the issue of size is always a tricky one. Are large exhibition stands… Read more »

10 exhibition planning tips for startups looking for success

Exhibitions can be crucial to the success of a new business. They are a place to create a name for yourself. To give people the chance to connect with your services or products. And to meet lots of prospective new customers. With industry growth suggested by CEIR to continue in 2019, attending these events has… Read more »

Killer exhibition stand design ideas for 2019

Killer exhibition stand design ideas for 2019

Exhibition stand design is an area of the industry that’s constantly changing. Technologies evolve. Research drives new ideas. And experience shows us what’s working and what isn’t—the trends that help us capture interest at the event and get those leads. Which means it’s essential for you to stay up-to-date with the latest thinking in order… Read more »

Trade show trends you should be following in 2019

Trade show trends you should be following in 2019

There are plenty of statistics out there which prove just how important trade shows can be. Did you know that 81% of exhibition attendees have the authority within their organisation to make a purchase? Or that 46% of the people you meet at an exhibition will be itching to take action, because it’s their only… Read more »

7 exhibition stand ideas for a big summer of events in 2018

7 exhibition stand ideas for a big summer of events in 2018

The weather’s been so good in the UK recently you’d be forgiven for thinking that summer had already been and gone. Yet the good news is that it’s only just getting started—which means we’re in for a wonderful season of big summer events. Want some ideas about how to stand out from the competitors and… Read more »

Are bespoke exhibition stands worth the money?

Exhibitions provide a rare opportunity to engage directly with your audience. Which means that whether you’re showcasing a new product, trying to reach a new demographic, or simply brand building, it’s essential to get right—or you could be wasting a lot of time and money in attending. These days there are plenty of ways to… Read more »