Author: Tom Oakes

How to Design and Organise a Last-minute Exhibition Stand

  Following last week’s announcements regarding the UK’s ability to reopen events, in all likelihood the exhibition and conference industry, trade shows and expos will not be reopening until Spring. It is therefore vital that you start to consider the implications to your marketing strategy for 2021 and how, in a pinch you can take… Read more »

Transferring our Cutting-Edge Design and Exhibition Skills

September already, how did that happen? Hope you all enjoyed your holidays. The summer is always quiet in the exhibition world, shows close as the world slows down and starts dreaming of cocktails round the pool and fun in the sun however, as we are all aware, this year has been quieter than most. With… Read more »

The truth about exhibitions: focus on your sales team

We would love to say that our exhibition stand designs could guarantee your success, but we can’t. Yes, your stand is a critical part of how well you do, drawing people in and helping to keep them captivated. But it’s how your sales team perform on the day that will determine if you see any… Read more »

5 exhibition stand trends that will improve your success in 2020

If your exhibition success rate in 2019 left you red-faced like Jeremy Corbyn, here are 5 exhibition trends to use in 2020 to improve your ROI. Hopefully 2020 will finally put the political circus behind us, leaving businesses to look forward. And so with that in mind, here’s five exhibition trends to start using in… Read more »

The best exhibition stand lessons from The Apprentice so far

Poor exhibition stand design, bickering salespeople, going for the hard sell…Read on for the top 5 lessons The Apprentice can teach us about exhibitions and trade shows. This year’s The Apprentice was one where exhibitions/trade shows didn’t make it onto the task list (perhaps because product owners don’t want to chance the often car-crash approach… Read more »

Planning European exhibitions in a post-Brexit world

Three years after the vote, businesses in the UK are still awaiting an outcome on Brexit. This has made life a little tricky for us all, because it’s difficult to plan for a future when we don’t know what that future holds. In the world of events, however, there is one certainty: any form of… Read more »