The top 5 questions you won’t think to ask your exhibition stand designer but should!

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In this blog we will discuss the 5 things that all designers should be able to answer and why you need to make sure you are asking them!

You’re sipping on your coffee. Across the table from you sits the exhibition stand designer you have asked to create for you the award winning, captivating yet functional stand for your next trade show. You have engaged in the customary small talk but now… you’re ready to get down to business. Having created your concise brief you are sure you’ve covered everything that your designer will need to know however, below you will find the 5 key questions you should be asking.

1. Are you actually going to build my stand?

Seems obvious right, your supplier offers an end to end exhibition service so who else would be building your exhibition stand? Although many exhibition stand designers, suppliers or contractors offer an end to end exhibition service many have to outsource various parts of the build and install. A true end to end exhibition service should be able to offer you an in-house service providing everything from design and manufacture to installation and pull down. This includes project management, logistics, graphics, electrics and storage if required. By choosing to use a true end to end exhibition supplier put simply, you will save money. Be clear, when sourcing an exhibition supplier make sure you know who will be carrying out each stage of your stand build and install. Make sure you can keep closer control of your budget by making sure your supplier offers a fully transparent quote detailing precisely where your money will be spent.

Exhibition Mid Build

2. Do you have any experience providing exhibition stands to my industry?

Each industry offers a unique challenge to an exhibition stand designer. Many suppliers choose to specialise in one industry where as others work across many different industries and specialities. The key to finding the right supplier for you is to understand their experience in your industry or related fields. Of course, you want to stand out from your competitors but understanding what has worked in the past regards stand layout and functionality as well as how the shows you are exhibiting at are laid out and run will give you a competitive advantage when it comes to the design of your stand. Any designer worth their salt will have an extensive portfolio and gallery online so researching your contractor should be relatively easy however, always make sure you ask as it may not always be possible to put every stand they build online.

3. Who should I call if I want to change my design?

Creating an exhibition stand is an ever evolving process. There are many different factors that could mean you need to change aspects of your design. Your goals for the show may change, one of your leading competitors may all of a sudden decide to exhibit or pull out of a show, you may simply see another design that you like and would like incorporating in to your stand. Any supplier working in the exhibition industry has to understand the necessity to remain flexible. By employing an end to end exhibition stand supplier you maximise that flexibility by only having to deal with one company who supply all aspects of your stand. Better still if you are working with a true end to end exhibition supplier then you should only have to deal with one individual as many offer a dedicated project manager who will be looking after your job from design to completion. If you do not plan on running the build and install of your stand yourself then it is vital that you choose a supplier who will provide you with a dedicated project manager.

4. Have you worked in the country I want to exhibit in?

This is way more important than you may first think. Logistics are vital to the smooth running of any exhibition stand. Understanding how to get your exhibition stand to site and in one piece is no easy feat. Most exhibition contractors will often have to rely on outsourcing there logistics meaning they leave the safe transport of your stand to someone else. Understanding the transport networks and rules of European and world countries is vital to delivering your stand on time.

Stand Delivery

5. Can you provide example recommendations from reputable companies about your service?

Every exhibition supplier works hard and invests time in order to generate recommendations from the companies they work for. If they are unable to provide examples of recommendations you can be assured it is because they haven’t received any. Make sure you research your supplier thoroughly and don’t be afraid to ask!

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