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September already, how did that happen? Hope you all enjoyed your holidays. The summer is always
quiet in the exhibition world, shows close as the world slows down and starts dreaming of cocktails
round the pool and fun in the sun however, as we are all aware, this year has been quieter than
most. With Covid keeping the exhibition industry in lock down, we’ve been finding ways to keep
ourselves busy and utilise our cutting-edge exhibition stand design skills.

Here are some of the ways our specialist skills and knowledge can be adapted to different projects
outside of exhibition stand design:

Shop Displays and Show Rooms

Our specialty is stand design but what that truly encompasses is our unique ability to maximise floor
space. Retail, with exhibition and conferences, space is at a premium and nobody understands that
better than us. Having to constantly evolve to keep up with cutting edge design trends and
materials, we are ideally placed to advise and design for you retail spaces that not only look great,
but utilise space and light to maximise brand exposure and provide your customers the best possible
retail experience.

Virtual Exhibition, Conference and Retail Experiences

Who bought shares in zoom pre lock down? No, me neither. The rise and rise of virtual meeting and
conference calls has been the one bona fide business success story of 2020. We all know it isn’t
ideal, face to face is how business is done best however, there are plenty of benefits to virtual
meetings and conferences not least the reduced environmental impact and the fact you don’t have
to change out of your pyjamas (we’ve all done it). As more and more conferences moved online this
year, there has been plenty of opportunity to think about how companies can deliver great brand
experiences from the comfort of peoples homes. Utilising go pro and cutting-edge AV tech along
with lighting and set design, you can deliver a brand experience only bettered by being there. And
who is ideally placed to design and build your ideal space for an online conference? You guessed it.
Exhibition Stand Designers.

Training and Teaching Spaces

As schools, colleges and universities return to some form of normality and students return to the
classroom the need to create inspiring spaces for them to learn and train becomes ever more
important. As technology becomes more advanced with schools at all levels offering more and more
varied courses of study the competition to attract students gets hotter each year. Creating inviting,
warm, inspiring, creative, safe spaces for students to study is a great way to attract candidates and
offer existing students a better education experience. Exhibition stand design companies are ideally
placed to help bring your project to life.

Set Building and Stand Building

So exhibitions, shows and conferences are currently closed however, not all available sales space is
out of bounds. If you can’t bring customers to you, you can bring your brand to the customer.
Travelling roadshows have always formed part of any exhibition stand designers work and now more
than ever, thinking outside the box and capitalising on space away from exhibition halls is a great
way to stay visible and ahead of the game. Think train stations, hotel lobbies, shopping malls, the
high street, airports. All offer exhibition space and through the use of clever design exhibition stand
designers can create lightweight, free standing, flexible exhibition stands for you to easily create
engaging brand experiences anywhere, anytime.


In the words of Liam Neeson, “Exhibition stand designers have a very unique set of skills”. They are
capable of maximising even the smallest of spaces to create practical, engaging brand experiences of
all types and purposes.

Having already created retail, virtual and training spaces for Siemens, HellyHanson, Affinity, Lenovo and Karimoor, Astro exhibitions are ideally placed to help with your next project, wherever and whenever it is.

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